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Grade Level Websites

Grade Level Websites are available to parents to provide another way to be involved in your child's education.
Click Below to Access.
Sixth Grade                Seventh Grade               Eighth Grade                Band

Upcoming Events
 August 20 Softball vs. Hillsman  @ Home 5:00  Cancelled due to Heat
 August 23 Cross Country NE GA Championships 12:00 pm  (time changed) Athens Christian 
August 26  Softball vs. George Walton @ Home 5:00 
August 28  Softball @ Prince Avenue 5:00 
August 28  Football @ Athens Christian 4:30 
August 30   Cross Country Fall Runaway Jackson Co. 9:45 am/10:115 am
September 1 Labor Day Holiday for Students and Teachers 
September 2 Softball @ Athens Christian 5:00 
 September 3 School Yearbook Pictures 6th and 8th Grades 
September 3  Softball vs. Madison County @ Home 4:30 
September 4 Softball vs. Prince Avenue  @ Home 5:00
 September 4 Football vs. Thomson @ Home 5:00 
 September 5 School Yearbook Pictures 7th Grade
 September 9 Progress Reports Go Home 
 September 9  Parent Advisory/School Council Meeting 7:45 AM
 September 11 School Yearbook Pictures Makeup Day (all grades) 
September 11 Football @George Walton Academy 4:30
September 11  Cross Country @ Crow Lake in Jefferson 4:30
 September 15-19    Book Fair in the OCMS Media Center 
September 17 Football @ Washington Wilkes 4:30
September 18 Parent Visitation
Oglethorpe County Athletic Booster Club

The Oglethorpe County Athletic Booster Club supports the student athletes at both the middle and high schools. The booster club helps to provide equipment, uniforms and other support to the athletic teams at OCHS and OCMS.  Family dues are $25 for one year, with other opportunities for sponsorship outlined in the brochure linked below.  Thank you for the support of our athletes and teams in Oglethorpe County 
Go Patriots!
Brochure pg. 1
Brochure pg. 2

Environmental or Recycling Questions?
General phone alerts are sent to the primary phone number that the school has listed.

If you would like to receive alerts at other numbers, please click on
 "Add One Call Contact Information for Oglethorpe County Middle School"
 in the white box below then select "primary" as the descriptor.




CCRPI Information

Click here for the Georgia Department of Education 
College and Career Readiness Perfomance Indicators (CCRPI).
 This is the evaluation instrument that replaces AYP (Annual Yearly Performance).

Do you need to report student misbehavior? If, so click here.