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Grade Level Websites

Grade Level Websites are available to parents to provide another way to be involved in your child's education.
Click Below to Access.
Sixth Grade                Seventh Grade               Eighth Grade                Band

Upcoming Events
 April 18 Coke Fundraiser Available for Pick Up 7:45 AM-5:30 PM 
 April 19  Coke Fundraiser Available for Pick Up 10:00 AM-Noon
 May 1 Sports Recognition  6:00 PM
April 29, 30 May 1 Criterion Referenced Competency Test  (CRCT)
 May 2  Regular School Day (Makeup day for snow days)
May 5  Rising 6th Grader Parent's Orientation 
 May 6-7 CRCT 
 May 9 Dance and 8th grade Lock-In 
 May 12 Student Recognition 
 May 13 Band Concert 
 May 16 Field Day 
 May 20 Attendance Field Trip 
 May 22  Talent Show
May 23 8th Grade Convocation 8:30 AM /Last Day of School
 May 26  Memorial Day (no school for teachers)
 May 27-29  Post Planning for Teachers
 May 29  County-Wide Title 1 Meeting @ OCMS 8:00-12:00
Environmental or Recycling Questions?
Title 1 Information

Oglethorpe County Middle School’s Title I Documents

Parents, the link above will take you to the Title 1 information and documents for our school.


Atlanta Braves All-Star Student Achievers

Students are eligible to receive TWO free upper box tickets to one pre-selected 2014 Braves home game and ONE Chick-fil-A coupon if they meet the following criteria:
-All A's 1st semester, or
-All A's and B's 1st semester,
-Perfect Attendance 1st semester
Students who are interested in this offer need to see Mr. Bevels so he can check your grades or attendance and give you the ticket form. 

General phone alerts are sent to the primary phone number that the school has listed.

If you would like to receive alerts at other numbers, please click on
 "Add One Call Contact Information for Oglethorpe County Middle School"
 in the white box below then select "primary" as the descriptor.




CCRPI Information

Click here for the Georgia Department of Education 
College and Career Readiness Perfomance Indicators (CCRPI).
 This is the evaluation instrument that replaces AYP (Annual Yearly Performance).

Do you need to report student misbehavior? If, so click here.